Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Who are they and what is their connection?


  1. Hmm. Is the connection that they are all famous and dead? Or that they all smoked pipes? Happy New Year, Calfy - and YAAY!! First to post xxxx

  2. Thank you Mermaid!! That does make me happy! Sadly that is not the connection; Tony Benn is not dead! However it almost worked!
    Happy New Year xox

  3. Calfy, had to check a few facts, but if they started their movement from an adreess such as 11/13 Old Queen Street, SW1, you'll find your answer...

  4. Oscar Wilde, Bertrand Russell, H. G. Wells, the Railway Children, Virginia Woolf, Bernard Shaw, Tony Benn, Emily Pankhurst. The Fabian Society. I demand my slice of cake.

  5. The Railway Children! Donkey I am, I meant Edith Nesbit. No relation to James Nesbitt.

  6. Fuller, my good friend!

    As I mentioned above, the Fabians were eventually formed in an attic at the address I mentioned!

    Indeed, it is actually a listed room way up in the gods, where one can form ideas of - well, actually; quantity surveying, because that is where my later (wasted) formative years were spent amid wreaths of smoke from Players Number 6 fags, and sandwiches from the shop opposite, available for 2/- and with a soft orangeade, could run to the value of a three bob luncheon voucher!

    I still smoulder in the eye department when the Dad arrives through the smoke in 'The Railway Children'. Did it just a few days ago actually; nothing changes...

    But then, I'm an old softie...


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